A Buyer’s Market


It really is no secret that is a buyer’s market right now. If you are looking to purchase or build your first (or 10th) home, there really hasn’t been a better time than NOW! Prices are at an all-time low (bad for sellers we know, but it is great for those of you buying). You can get your dream home for as little as HALF the cost of what it would have been just five short years ago. Homes that used to sell for 500,000 or more are now floating around the 300,000 mark which is great for new families looking to expand or offer more living space for their kiddos. It is also great for people who know exactly what they want but have been financially unable to get it until now. This buyer’s paradise is also great for people looking to live in a nice neighborhood in a beautiful home without depleting their savings account and working 80+ hours a week just to make ends up. Even if you don’t have a family and kids fighting over who uses the restroom and whining over sharing bedrooms, your dream home in a nice subdivision is within arm’s reach.

With the economy still struggling to recover from the brink of a second depression, prices are still at a record low. While it is currently a great time to buy a home, do NOT delay! With each passing year, the prices are steadily climbing and eventually the market will recover which means your dream home may soon be out of your financial reach. So if you’ve been eyeing that beautiful two story home with the stunning granite countertops and decadent garden tub, you shouldn’t delay too much longer because it won’t always be at that dreamy price!


We also understand that it can be extremely overwhelming looking at all these beautiful houses and more than likely you have a lot of questions. Does this fit my budget? Is the neighborhood good? Do I really need all of these amenities?  Even if you already know what you want, have done your research on the neighborhood, decided what your home absolutely MUST have (we aren’t judging; garden tubs are a necessity), and understand the process, chances are all of the homes you have checked out either online or in person are probably blurring together; especially if you decided to have a home built and have been looking at floor plan after floor plan. Let us help by putting your mind at ease! We will handle all of the difficult and boring parts; you just tell us what you are interested in, your budget, and a few other details. Even if you don’t know exactly what you want or can afford, we can help in that aspect too. Buying your first home should be a fun, stress free process and here at Relief Real Estate, we’re here to make it all go smoothly! All of our agents are professional, welcoming, and highly educated. We are also here for YOU and we will assist with the entire buying process.


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